Nordic night(light)

woke up in the holiday cottage at 3 at night and thought the light through the curtains was nice. I reached for my cell phone and took a picture and then tried to get some sleep again. 


Skating down to town on the city’s beautiful promenade

New focus

After a period of absence, I’m back with a new direction, street photography! This picture shows the wretched situation of the beggars.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #90- Distance

This is some kind of distance
My entry for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#90- Distance

Lens-Artists # 89: A river runs through it

A small river runs through the forest.
My contribution to
Lens-Artists phooto challenge # 89: a river runs through it
And a river runs through the city.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #87- Reflections

My entry for Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #87- Reflections

CFFC: G,C or S

My entry for CFFC: Glasses, cups or saucers

CB&W: Words that end in “ock”

Playing rock on a truck
My entry for CB&W: Words that end in “ock”

Lens -Artists Photo Challenge # 86: Change your Perspective

Chage your Perspective is a great idea.
These pictures are my contribution to Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 86: Change your perspective

CB&W: Clouds

CFFC: Roofs of any kind

On the tower there is a roof but on the rest of the castle there is no roof after the wear and tear of time.
My entry for CFFC: Roofs of any kind

Lens-Artists Challenge #85 – Treasure Hunt

The hunt for the right tone of the harmonica is like a treasure hunt. Once you succeed, it feels like you found the treasure.
My entry for Lens-Artist Challenge # 85- Treasure hunt
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