After dark?

I took a walk with the camera after dark and used a bridge railing to support this image which was exposed for 8 seconds.

The hug

Some human emotion in the cityscape. Photo from 2017 (life before Corona pandemi).


My son’s new interest is to look for treasures with the cell phone (Geo caching) it is called sure. I went with him to take pictures.

Nordic night(light)

woke up in the holiday cottage at 3 at night and thought the light through the curtains was nice. I reached for my cell phone and took a picture and then tried to get some sleep again. 


Skating down to town on the city’s beautiful promenade

New focus

After a period of absence, I’m back with a new direction, street photography! This picture shows the wretched situation of the beggars.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #90- Distance

This is some kind of distance
My entry for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#90- Distance

Lens-Artists # 89: A river runs through it

A small river runs through the forest.
My contribution to
Lens-Artists phooto challenge # 89: a river runs through it
And a river runs through the city.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #87- Reflections

My entry for Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #87- Reflections

CFFC: G,C or S

My entry for CFFC: Glasses, cups or saucers

CB&W: Words that end in “ock”

Playing rock on a truck
My entry for CB&W: Words that end in “ock”

Lens -Artists Photo Challenge # 86: Change your Perspective

Chage your Perspective is a great idea.
These pictures are my contribution to Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 86: Change your perspective
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