CB&W: Clouds

CFFC: Roofs of any kind

On the tower there is a roof but on the rest of the castle there is no roof after the wear and tear of time.
My entry for CFFC: Roofs of any kind

Lens-Artists Challenge #85 – Treasure Hunt

The hunt for the right tone of the harmonica is like a treasure hunt. Once you succeed, it feels like you found the treasure.
My entry for Lens-Artist Challenge # 85- Treasure hunt

CB&W: Roads

A road on the countryside
My entry for CB&W: Roads

CFFC: Needs to have the Letter “K” anywhere in the word

My entry to CFFC: Needs to have the letter “K” anywhere in the word

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 84 – Narrow

A narrow stream flows through the forest.
My entry for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge- Narrow

CB&W: Bi Tri Mo Un

My entry for CB&W: Bicycles, Tricycles, Motorcycles, Unicycles

CFFC: Vanishing or leading lines

My entry for CFFC: Vanishing or leading lines

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 83 – Future

The next generation may find the light in the tunnel in the future.
My Entry for Lens- Artists Photo Challenge# 83 – Future

CB&W: Any kind geometric shape

At this old cottage we find several geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle and circle.
My entry to CB&W: Any kind geometric shape

CFFC: Autumn scenes

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 82- Capital

I don’t travel much so my contribution to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82 – Capital this week guest hosted by Viveka of my guilty pleasures is this picture from Swedens capital Stockholm. In the bakgrund you can see the Royal castle
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