CB&W: Public transportation

A tram for CB&W’s Public transportation.

CFFC: Summer scenes

In response to CFFC: Summer scenes

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 80- Leading lines

My contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #80-Leading lines.
I find myself feeling like I’m being dragged into the image of the lines in it.
Can you also feel it?
Another picture with leading lines.

The Hedgecoe projects: structures in the image

Next project is structures in the image. Here I try to convey the feeling of the structure of the house façade where we live.

The Hedgecoe projects: To convey a third dimension

An image is two-dimensional, but through the lighting you can create a depth feeling. Here I used a dim light through the window one overcast day.

On the hunt for joy : Say cheese

Found this picture in the archive and couldn’t help but smile at the memory of how the children painted a face on mom’s stomach, asking them to paint on their stomachs as well. I took this opportunity to take this picture. In response to Cee’s on the hunt for joy challenge: say cheese.

CFFC: Spring scenes

A couple of spring scenes in Stockholm from the archive, in response to CFFC: spring scenes

Lens-Artist PhotoChallenge #79: A window with a view

My first entry to Lens-Artists PhotoChallenge with the topic A window with a view. Picture taken at Edinburgh Castle.

The Hedgecoe projects: silhouette

I looked in an old favorite book I received from my father (Complete guide to Photography by John Hedgecoe) and was inspired to go through all the photography projects of the book again.
The first is about the importance of the form to the image and to take a silhouette picture.

CB&W: Moving water

In response to Cees Black &White Challenge: Moving Water

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge

My contribution to Cees on the hunt for joy challenge: Get outside

CFFC: Winter scenes

Last year in February there was some snow anyway, it will probably be nothing this year :-(.
My contribution to CFFC: winter scenes

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