The Hedgecoe projects: silhouette

I looked in an old favorite book I received from my father (Complete guide to Photography by John Hedgecoe) and was inspired to go through all the photography projects of the book again.
The first is about the importance of the form to the image and to take a silhouette picture.

CB&W: Moving water

In response to Cees Black &White Challenge: Moving Water

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge

My contribution to Cees on the hunt for joy challenge: Get outside

CFFC: Winter scenes

Last year in February there was some snow anyway, it will probably be nothing this year :-(.
My contribution to CFFC: winter scenes

CB&W:Hot or cold things

A glass filled with ice is my contribution to CB&W: hot or cold things

CFFC: Opposing colors (red & green)

This week, my contribution to CFFC: opposing colors comes from the archive.

CFFC: Basically two colors

Basically two colours? I don’t count on the white tile in the background so I see it as two colors, orange and black. In response to Cees fun foto challenge: Basically two colors

CB&W: crooked and squiggly lines

Crooked and squiggly lines? How am I going to tackle this, I thought. Not so hard really, we have lots of tangled cables at home. So I crawled down on the floor and took this picture. In response to Cee’s black and white photochallenge crooked & squiggly.


Some arches in response to CFFC: Circles Curves and Arches

CFFC: rectangles and squares

In responce to CFFC:reactangles and squares

CFFC: Cars and trucks

In respons to Cees fun foto Challenge: Cars and Trucks

CFFC: Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Markers

The 8 year old son had a lot of theese on his birthday party. In response to CFFC:Pens,Pencils, Crayons, Markers

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