CB&W:Hot or cold things

A glass filled with ice is my contribution to CB&W: hot or cold things

CFFC: Opposing colors (red & green)

This week, my contribution to CFFC: opposing colors comes from the archive.

CFFC: Basically two colors

Basically two colours? I don’t count on the white tile in the background so I see it as two colors, orange and black. In response to Cees fun foto challenge: Basically two colors

CB&W: crooked and squiggly lines

Crooked and squiggly lines? How am I going to tackle this, I thought. Not so hard really, we have lots of tangled cables at home. So I crawled down on the floor and took this picture. In response to Cee’s black and white photochallenge crooked & squiggly.


Some arches in response to CFFC: Circles Curves and Arches

CFFC: rectangles and squares

In responce to CFFC:reactangles and squares

CFFC: Cars and trucks

In respons to Cees fun foto Challenge: Cars and Trucks

CFFC: Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Markers

The 8 year old son had a lot of theese on his birthday party. In response to CFFC:Pens,Pencils, Crayons, Markers

CFFC: Roofs

Some roofs as seen from our balcony. In response to CFFC: roofs

Go on a photo adventure: playful

Playful children, in response to little pieces of mes photochallenge: go on a photo adventure:playful


In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Trees

A photo a week challenge: Still life

My contribution to a photo a week challenge: still life
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