CB&W: Words that end in “ock”

Playing rock on a truck
My entry for CB&W: Words that end in “ock”

CB&W: Clouds

CB&W: Roads

A road on the countryside
My entry for CB&W: Roads

CB&W: Bi Tri Mo Un

My entry for CB&W: Bicycles, Tricycles, Motorcycles, Unicycles

CB&W: Any kind geometric shape

At this old cottage we find several geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle and circle.
My entry to CB&W: Any kind geometric shape

CB&W: All sort of signs

A road sign next to a bay with its small fisherman’s cottages,
This and the following pictures are my contribution to CB&W: All sort of signs

This house is called the last drink. To the right of the door is a sign, more about this in the next picture.
The text on the sign reads as follows.
“The house was built about 1760 and was a pharmacy laboratory for a long time.
According to an old but uncertain tradition the death row on their way to the execution here has been invited one last drink”
Today there is an ice cream café in the house called the last drink.
Some newer signs.

CB&W: Public transportation

A tram for CB&W’s Public transportation.

CB&W: Moving water

In response to Cees Black &White Challenge: Moving Water

CB&W:Hot or cold things

A glass filled with ice is my contribution to CB&W: hot or cold things

CB&W: crooked and squiggly lines

Crooked and squiggly lines? How am I going to tackle this, I thought. Not so hard really, we have lots of tangled cables at home. So I crawled down on the floor and took this picture. In response to Cee’s black and white photochallenge crooked & squiggly.

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