CFFC: G,C or S

My entry for CFFC: Glasses, cups or saucers

CFFC: Roofs of any kind

On the tower there is a roof but on the rest of the castle there is no roof after the wear and tear of time.
My entry for CFFC: Roofs of any kind

CFFC: Needs to have the Letter “K” anywhere in the word

My entry to CFFC: Needs to have the letter “K” anywhere in the word

CFFC: Vanishing or leading lines

My entry for CFFC: Vanishing or leading lines

CFFC: Autumn scenes

CFFC: Harvest scenes

Harvesting strawberries, my contribution to CFFC: Harvest scenes.

CFFC: Summer scenes

In response to CFFC: Summer scenes

CFFC: Spring scenes

A couple of spring scenes in Stockholm from the archive, in response to CFFC: spring scenes

CFFC: Winter scenes

Last year in February there was some snow anyway, it will probably be nothing this year :-(.
My contribution to CFFC: winter scenes

CFFC: Opposing colors (red & green)

This week, my contribution to CFFC: opposing colors comes from the archive.

CFFC: Basically two colors

Basically two colours? I don’t count on the white tile in the background so I see it as two colors, orange and black. In response to Cees fun foto challenge: Basically two colors


Some arches in response to CFFC: Circles Curves and Arches

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