Lens-Artists Challenge #85 – Treasure Hunt

The hunt for the right tone of the harmonica is like a treasure hunt. Once you succeed, it feels like you found the treasure.
My entry for Lens-Artist Challenge # 85- Treasure hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 83 – Future

The next generation may find the light in the tunnel in the future.
My Entry for Lens- Artists Photo Challenge# 83 – Future

CB&W: Any kind geometric shape

At this old cottage we find several geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle and circle.
My entry to CB&W: Any kind geometric shape

CB&W: All sort of signs

A road sign next to a bay with its small fisherman’s cottages,
This and the following pictures are my contribution to CB&W: All sort of signs

This house is called the last drink. To the right of the door is a sign, more about this in the next picture.
The text on the sign reads as follows.
“The house was built about 1760 and was a pharmacy laboratory for a long time.
According to an old but uncertain tradition the death row on their way to the execution here has been invited one last drink”
Today there is an ice cream café in the house called the last drink.
Some newer signs.

Lens-Artists Photochallenge # 81- Find something red.

In these Swedish dark times, I thought my creativity was limited to photographing something red, but then I came up with the idea of red taillights on cars and went out hunting, the result became this picture. In response to Lens-Artists photochallenge – find something red.

CFFC: Summer scenes

In response to CFFC: Summer scenes

The Hedgecoe projects: structures in the image

Next project is structures in the image. Here I try to convey the feeling of the structure of the house façade where we live.

CB&W: Moving water

In response to Cees Black &White Challenge: Moving Water

CB&W:Hot or cold things

A glass filled with ice is my contribution to CB&W: hot or cold things

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